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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

People only turn to God when they find that they're foundations have been shaken.
Only to find that it is God who is shaking their founations.
harhar. maybe this is one of them times.
exams sucked.
couldnt sleep all night. again.
went to school awake but brain was off.
didnt turn on during exams. whats new.
Dont wana let ms Mo down but i think i already did.
Pls God just give me an a
i know i dont deserve it but just GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks. i wish i could tell you that i will never ask for anything else again but i know that would be a lie. ok just gimme the a and i wont ask for anything else in the next 12 months or so. Plus I'll be real good and do some form of charitable work. Unfortunately, bartering is not how the system works. hm. unfortunately for whom.
I think I want to be dead but i dont want to die. or not. dunno la
I wish one could just open a packet of econs. Open the little sachet of A flavouring. shake it about a bit. Eat the Econs. Then get an A.
Like when I'm too tired to shower I wish one could just open a packet of shower add some water and TADA one magically becomes clean, smelling and feeling good. Comes in a zillion flavours. If signs of allergy persist after use please consult your doctor.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Could not sleep till four last night. Was lying aimlessly in bed frm 12-4.
and woke up at nine.
should have done something productive. like read econs.
omg its june.
Last exeat was mega fun! (er...think it was a coupla weeks ago)
Nadia stayed over and we went SHOPPING!!! for like almost 12 hrs.
ate sushi. drank champagne. sat around random places to take pictures. took sticker pictures.
would post them up but
LAPTOP SCREEN IS FRIED so it has gone into repair.
dunnohowithapened. stupidacer. stupidtaiwanesemadelaptops.
managed to save one picture. evidently we arent very good at taking sticker pictures. or decorating them. was just randomly jabbing at icons on screen and trying to make out the chinese characters amongst all that japanese. shouldve taken some pointers frm lynn. too late now.
am on a very unproductive study leave.
how did i ever manage to study for 7 - 8 subjects when 2 alone are killing me???
no drive to study (whats new). went shopping + lunching at telawi for past two days. =( =(
luckily managed to swallow some chapters for econs.
am probably screwed for maths. i really hope not.
weird things: watched a movie in which nicole kidman was fingering herself. ate nasi lemak with oysters. It wasnt bad but it wasnt great. just a bit bizarre. like bacon flavoured ice-cream.
am quite excited about prom. dunno why. i think it was ever since i heard about the sparkling apple juice fountain thing! hope the food is yummay.
want to buy those mega long cigarette filter things. like cruella de vile. no luck so far. i was so desperate i went into davidoff-and they didnt stock any. havana next.
going to grab myself some brekkie. toodles!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

finished antony and cleo yesterday.
was quite hard i think. hope it turns out okay in the end.
just realised that the u6 page is just another way of dividing ourselves.
but ppl were more interested to know what group they're in. haha. the irony.
dont blame them. i dont think i would have been any different.
i didnt see it as a way of dividing everybody, just a way of presenting our form.
because we thought a collage would be terribly passe.
i guess if anybody from school reads this (only some iri chicks i think) i just want them to know that being in any of the groups does not have any negative connotations. or at least dolly and i created every group without any negative intentions. its not a social label, a way of defining you,or a way for us to put anybody down. because only you can define yourself and how you are to be remembered. pffft to social labels. it dont matter which group you're in and the more important thing is that you're part of the table right? not everybody is prominent but each one is significant-same theory applies i guess. anyway if nobody agrees with me then-sucks for you! haha cos you'll have to remain unhappy. in the long run, nobody will remember this anyway, we're not that important. in the longer run, we would all be dead.
study leave next week. exeat this weekend.
who could ask for more?
except we have extra englit nd maths classes.
am surprisingly quite excited about eca night even though we are about to make strumpets of ourselves. again. nothing new there. maybe its because there are more people this time.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

C4 trials today.
i hope i get more than...5 marks or something...
need to come up with super lazy+stupid proof studyplan.
want to go Dj tiesto thing but got englit on Mon =( =(
i wish i liked maths. dont even need to be mega good at it.
just to like it.
so studying wont be such a chore.
and remembering maths formulaes wont be so hard.
my brain only has 100mb space, unfortunately/(fortunately??haha)

let me upgrade 'ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aisya 'omg all these cina's are taking over the world!! COME ON INDIAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!'

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

5 day exeat almost at an end. where did the four days go to?????????????
only started studying 3 hrs ago.
am taking a break already.
sometimes i get so sick of studying i think i should just go get married.
but then i'd have to look for somebody to marry me. huge hastle.
and what if i dont like being married afterall. tough one to get out of in a jiffy.
so maybe its easier to just go do c3 and c4. and econs essays. and englit essays.
except i keep thinking hkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhk!!!!! =D =(
dhoodles is getting extended exeat and isnt coming back till weds.
am so jealous =(
bought wolly her prom dress yesterday. it was the last s of that dress in the whole country i think. and luckily for her, it was on that mannequin!
watched the jack neo movie..er.. ahlong pte ltd or something.
a typical jack neo movie = tragedy-ish +comedy
i only wish it wasnt so.....predictable.
quite good for laughs. no need to apply brain while watching.
was thinking of getting a job during hols n two weeks before school finishes.
need to fund my hk shopping, uk shopping and curls and..er...miscellaneous entertainment expenses, so to speak. will be working with ayeen, hopefully. to boost my morale. and so i wont give up work after two days.
went for BV branded sale yesterday. it was so packed i got a headache and lost my mood to shop.The shoe selection was great! but clothes were soso. didnt see anything i really wanted to buy.
want ferragamo varina flats. balenciaga motorcycle bag. need a big bag.
Vincci plus made a copy of them varina flats but i didnt like their buckle. looks too....uptight.
dont wana go back to school =( =( =( =(
gtg study fir c3 test tmr.
sorry i sound so duh and boring.
i think its the humid wearther. and the prospect of c4 test.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008



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Supposed to be studying.
Horrible week.
Had to rush the u6 page in yrbook.
I had lots of fun though.
and learnt lots about photoshop.
did mugshots.
go checkout the slideshow on facebook tau? The pictures are pretty!
Had some trouble getting everyone to come though.
was totally worth it in the end.
dolly n i were total workaholics.
go to school: take pictures
after school: start editing
go home: turn on skype and work some more
repeat process for about a week.
I even dreamt about photoshopping and my brain somehow thought of the page layout while i was sleeping.
ooh and i came across some mega cute (and random) comics with dragons on them

The last one's my favourite one!

Guess their titles!!!

Just guess la...................................................

ok the first one's called :a dragon catching a monkey up to no good, second one is : a monkey pirate crossing a bridge over some dragons, and the last one is:

a dragon discussing a dachshund with a group of alligators !!!!!! lol

so cute right???????????????????????????

very excited cos exeats tmr. Can finally sleep long time! and er....do some form of studying i suppose. cant wait for exams to be freaking over!!!!!!! especially..........INTERGRATION!!! HOW DARE IT EVEN EXIST???!!! I'M OFFENDED BY ITS MERE PRESSENCE IN THE SYLLABUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boarding school has a way of making you look and or feel homeless. read that somewhere. not sure if i agree.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hey girls!
am back from being dead..
Last day of Easter break. URGH.
but i think i kind of like school and secretly want to go back.
Have done nothing for two weeks except shop and go to melaka.
Actually make that - have done nothing for four months except shop and do a couple of exams.
no work done and i think everything's due on Tuesday. nothing new there. i think this has happened to me every single holiday since...form one?
Sorry have been unable to meet anybody over the last couple of months. March was mega busy cause of my cousin's wedding and stuff. They both live in shanghai now. which makes yan a very happy bunny cause can buy lots of cheap stuff. she bought me four tiaras!!!!!!!!! =D
and yeah (referring to sarah's post) I miss school.....maybe less than sarah does though.
cause i kinda am in school.
but i miss being in school in the city. taking lrt and going klcc after school. going to mcd's-whenever. and most of all i guess i miss the feeling that school life was going to last forever-five years does seem a long time. until it came and went.
while it happened there was a kind of...security, blissful ignorance etcetc
After form five its just more like life in super forwarded mode.
and of course, the people. we all move in different circles now.
not that its a bad thing. just different. and sometimes one misses the old familiarity.

lets go watch the sex and the city movie. MUST ok?
hopefully it comes out when steph is back.

In some ways i think we kind of wasted our last year together. Being emo over what seemed like a colossal problem that will actually just go away - provided we're all big enough to let it go.
I dont even really remember what it was about.
we could have done so much more.
we waste chances to be together. i.e. not going out after honours day. so stupid of us kan?
now we have almost nil time to be together.
but no matter, whats done is done.
we'll just have to make the best of what we have.

going to sunway pyramid. am my sister's driver. haha.
if you're free, go buy dvd for Be Kind, Rewind ok???????????
Numbah One stupid + uplifting movie.
has my highest recommendations

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